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Why Children Need Play Houses

For lots of children, there’s nothing more exciting than having their own garden den or playhouse. Playhouses are the best place for children to engage in unstructured and unsupervised play; something that’s vital if children are to develop into self-reliant and emotionally sound adults.

Children learn how to become adults by playing imaginatively without the involvement of their parents. This is the time when children are free to dream up their own rules and feel as though they are in charge of their own lives. There are many inexpensive playhouses available, and you could even construct your own. Here a few more reasons why every child should experience the delight of having their own playhouse.

  • Group play and social development

An outdoor playhouse is the best place for children to learn how to work and communicate with each other in a group play activity. Children can foster their social skills and language abilities whilst developing important co-operation and leadership skills.

When using the playhouse with friends, children can enjoy taking different roles as they play and use their imaginations to play out elements of a real society. This builds a foundation for developing the skills that children will need to perform in the real adult world.

  • Encouraging independence

Playhouses allow children to be on their own and bond with their friends, away from the inhibiting watch of their parents. With younger children, you should, however, stay within close range to ensure safety through minimal supervision.

Pretend games encourage children to make decisions on their own without depending on their parents. Children will also learn how to face their fears and deal with possible conflicts and differences. Children will be more inclined to solve issues that might arise while playing. These skills allow children to become a lot more responsible at an early age.

  • Promoting physical exercise

An outdoor playhouse provides children with the chance to move about and be active. This reduces the amount of time that children will want to spend in front of televisions and computer screens. Having regular exercise to an outdoor playhouse will naturally increase the amount of physical exercise that your children undertake and the amount of time spent outdoors. In turn, this will lead to stronger, healthier bodies and a better immune system.

  • Stimulating creativity

Playhouses provide children with a space of their own and open the door to a variety of activities. Children can use their imaginations to turn the playhouse into anything from a home or school to a fire station or doctor’s surgery. Children may choose to furnish and decorate their playhouses based on their own tastes and creativity.

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