Well-known madcap inventor, and father of three, Colin Furze, has built another wacky contraption at his home in Stamford. To add to the weird and wonderful collection of inventions that are documented on his YouTube channel, the engineer has now created a gigantic Star Wars themed AT-ATC in his back garden.

The colossal structure reaches over 18 foot in height, towering over the family home to overlook the rest of the neighbourhood. The AT-ATC body doubles as a playhouse, which can be reached by unfolding a massive staircase at the touch of a button. The playhouse is pure paradise for Star Wars fans; it features a TV screen, light sabres and Storm Trooper masks.

Colin said: “Me and the lads have been working on this for a month, through rain or shine and basically what we have done is we have got a model of an AT-ATC and we have scaled it up”. The playhouse is built to the reflect the exact measurements of the model and it has all the same features.

The play den is the perfect place for Colin and his kids to snuggle up and spend a day watching Star Wars movies. Colin made sure that all the building work was completed in December, just in time for the release of the most recent film, Rogue One – A Star Wars Story.

It took Colin and his friends just over a month to complete the Star Wars playhouse. Colin built the metal structure of the design and the head of the AT-ATC in his garden shed. Once the frame had started to take shape, he added panels for the body, painted the head and attached the all-important orange lights.

Because of the attention that Colin’s YouTube channel has attracted, he was able to get funding for the project from Ebay. He commented, “Let’s not forget this is actually an eBay project, and unlike other builds where I just buy a few things off the site, with this I’m trying to buy everything.” Colin bought all of the AT-ATC’s paint, screws and fixings from the site. He added “It’s not practical of course to get that much steel and wood online, but everything else they’ve got us covered”.

Colin’s YouTube channel continues to grow in popularity with each new crazy invention. The plumber and self-taught engineer has broken Guinness World Records for creating the fastest pram in the world and the longest ever motorbike. His favourite inventions have included a hoverbike, a jet bike and magnetic shoes that allowed him to hang upside down from the ceiling.


You can see the finished Star Wars playhouse here, on Colin’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE1mr8iCvA8