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8 Fun Ways to Keep Fit as a Family

For most modern families, sparing time out of our daily routines to exercise regularly can be a big challenge. However, turning exercise into a family venture can bring the fun back into fitness and provide vital bonding opportunities too. With current health reports, family exercise is as important now as ever, here are eight fun ideas from Garden Play to help make exercise a priority and get the whole family fit.

  1. Make use of your garden

Spruce up your garden and turn it into somewhere where your children will want to spend more of their time playing. Encouraging outdoor play is the best way to get your children to exercise without them even knowing it. Set aside about 30 minutes three times a week to do fun games and exercises with your kids. Make it part of the family’s routine after school or after dinner. Young kids love to get their parents involved in games such as football or hide and seek in the garden.

  1. Go on pre or post-dinner walks

Depending on where you live, try and find a good walking route around your neighbourhood. You should also make an effort to walk to the shops, your child’s school, the library or to sports events. Other activities such as rollerblading, cycling or scooters are great for getting older children involved too.

  1. Have a weekly sports night

Get everyone up and moving one day a week. This could involve something as simple as a few quick rounds of Wii Fit or Just Dance; anything to divert children from sitting down and get them up and active.

  1. Turn household cleaning into a game

A thorough household clean-out can leave you feeling like you’ve just done a workout! Invite all family members to team up and take part in a cleaning project to make your load a lot easier. There are a number of ways that you can make the activities fun, such as guessing games and conjuring up stories. Window washing and rearranging furniture are among the best chores to work your muscles.

  1. Team up in gardening work

Kids have a great passion for digging up dirt, so let them turn over the soil as you plant new bulbs. You will be providing them with a fun new hobby as well as easing your work load.

  1. Walk a puppy or Dog.

New research from North American Association on the Study of Obesity has shown that dog owners have more fun losing weight and are able to keep it off for longer compared to non-pup owners. Therefore, finding a four-legged friend will not only provide your family with lots of fun but also keep you fit.

  1. Sneak workouts into other activities

Encourage toddlers to walk rather than riding a bike to the supermarket, or take the stairs rather than an elevator whenever possible. If your child’s school is very far, then why not drive half way there, park up and walk the rest of the way. It will keep you fit and you’ll save money on your fuel bills.

  1. Explore the healthy eating habits

Proper nutrition is essential for the growth and development of children. You should opt for recipes that are healthy and appealing. Instead of buying ready-made foods, families should participate in preparing healthier homemade meals together. Get kids involved in cooking and planning meals and enjoying dinner together will ensure a quality time with your family and they’ll be more likely to try new dishes.


With a few lifestyle changes, you’ll notice a huge difference and you’ll find that your children are less inclined to spending all of their time watching television and video games. Here at Garden Play, there’s nothing we love more than seeing families enjoying the wonder of the outdoors together. We hope that these tips have proven helpful in inspiring your children to be more active.

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