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Report – Trump Turns Down White House Garden Playground, Will Now Be Donated to Charity

Since being elected president, Donald Trump seems to be in the media spotlight more than ever. Daily reports of the newly elected president usually seem to be surrounded with much controversy and public debate. It seems that there’s no end to the amount of public attention Trump is receiving.

It has recently come to light that Trump has instructed for play equipment that ex-president Barak Obama had set up in the Whitehouse gardens to be removed. It has been decided to donate the equipment to charity.

In 2009, when his daughters were 9 and 10 years old, Obama had the play equipment installed. They include swings, a fort and a slide. Obama, who also made news headlines around the same time for being the first president to bring dogs into the Whitehouse, is known for promoting family values.

Trump’s youngest son is 10 years old, though it seems that the president doesn’t seem to share same view as his predecessor. Trump’s son and grandchildren will have to amuse themselves with other activities. At least some less privileged children will receive the benefit of the play equipment. Of course this begs the question as to whether the Trump children are in fact privileged.

It seems strange that a father and grandfather to so many young children would deny his relatives the simple joy of garden play. Perhaps children who’ve spent their entire lives in a New York penthouse wouldn’t be able to deal with the shock of playing outdoors. Exposure to fresh air and sunlight may be too much of a shock to their fragile systems.

Another theory might be that as the heirs to a real estate empire, the Trump offspring would be better suited to playing Monopoly. Their skills as property moguls, taking precedence over regular fun. Frivolous and childish activities, like playing in the garden might distract the children and lead them astray – losing sight of their actual purpose in life.

Whatever his reasoning may be, many experts would find such logic to be misguided. Research has proven that children who spend time playing outdoors show better development than those who don’t. Playing outdoors stimulates a child’s development by increasing their problem solving abilities and social skills. The physical health benefits are obvious. Children who play outdoors get healthy exercise – developing muscle growth and combatting obesity.

While the rest of the world is looking at ways to get their children to spend more time playing outdoors, the leader of the richest country on earth is decidedly going in the opposite direction. Many have concluded that aside from his controversial opinions on global political issues, Trump seems to have no notion of what children actually require.

Let’s hope that the Trump children find other ways of enjoying their play time despite this setback and take comfort in the fact that other children will have the chance to use the play equipment that the US president has rejected.

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