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Study Finds ‘Participation Reading’ is the Best Way to Boost Cognitive Development

Parents who want to ensure that their kids turn out brighter and have a more successful life would want to turn to participation reading. Research has yielded many insights into the benefits of participation reading which is a simple, low cost way to boost cognitive development in children. The latest in the line of research was a study conducted by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Research has in particular looked at the link between reading and neuroscience.

Research Findings

The American Academy of Paediatrics has been informing parents about the benefits of reading to children, for a while now. You don’t have to wait until the child can form coherent sentences to read to them. Reading to them while they are still infants can offer a great time for the family, fulfilling the emotional needs of the child and helping them learn things about communication. Reading has been a time to bond with family, and participation reading only adds to the benefits of reading to children. Children who read tend to develop more empathy, particularly if they have been exposed to reading fiction. This has been the conclusion of another study.

Backing up the research is actual evidence. MRI scans of children whose parents read to them in an engaging tone showed that the children had higher brain activity in the regions related to brain development. Making reading more engaging is therefore key to attaining benefits for children. This means that parents don’t just read aloud to children. They would also need to participate in discussions with children, or have them interact with the reading process in other ways. Some children love to point to specific spots on the page when the parent is reading. Older children may have questions for their parents, on the role of the characters in the story and other elements of the story. If the child participates in the reading process, it makes the process more fun for the child.

Additional Benefits

It also boosts brain activity and this helps strengthen cognitive abilities. Older children may like to discuss the intricacies of the plot, muse about alternative plotlines, and thus gain a cognitive edge on how the world is shaped. The studies are not conclusive and there is scope for further research. There can be other reasons for greater brain activity in children engaged in interactive reading. However, the proof as it is very strong, and it won’t hurt in any way to start creating a fun reading routine with your children.

You would also need to ensure that the routine is followed diligently. This would mean lessening interruptions during reading time, and this would include interruptions from the digital world in the form of computers and phones. Reading to children has been a fun activity for children and parents for a long time. However, in the light of recent research, it might be a good idea to make the reading process more interactive. Children who interact with parents during the reading process acquire many cognitive skills and brain development benefits, as suggested by research.

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