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Fun Garden Games to get the Whole Family Involved

Spring is now upon us. It’s the perfect time to head to the garden, soak up some warm rays and enjoy the delightful scent of fresh flowers. If you’re wondering how to pry your kids away from staring at screens and have them enjoying the great outdoors again then why not get the whole family involved in some garden games?

From quieter sessions of Snakes and Ladders to lively competitions of Limbo and Twister, activities in the garden are guaranteed to provide your family with heaps of fun and a few photo opportunities along the way. The best garden games are easy to play and they’ll have the whole family in fits of giggles as you bring them out to enjoy year after year. We’ve picked out some of the most exciting new takes on some classic garden games that you’ll definitely want to try out this spring.


Lawn Twister

Fans of the 1960s novelty party game will absolutely love this one. Lawn Twister provides the whole family with hours of fun and entertainment, and children will enjoy helping you to turn your garden into a giant board game. All you’ll need is some contractors marking spray paint (which washes off) and a large piece of cardboard that you use as a stencil by cutting out a large circle.


Cup Races

On sunny days, there’s nothing kids love more than water play. If you don’t fancy getting completely drenched, then there are plenty of other fun ways to use water guns. Cup races are a great way to encourage your children to focus if they have lots of energy. If you want to get really competitive with the races, then you could create a league table and challenge everyone in the house to a game.


Glow in the dark bowling

If you’re organising a garden party that runs into the evening, then this is a great game to bring out as it starts to get dark. Young children will be mesmerised by the bright colours and adults will want to take their turn at such a novel garden game too.

To make your bowling pins, simply add glow sticks into ten bottles of water and arrange them as you wish. You could even make a glow in the dark bowling ball by taping some glow sticks to the inside of a hamster ball, putting it together and securing the lid with tape.


Giant Snakes and Ladders

Weather-proof games such as this are great fun for the whole family and they’re a hit at children’s parties too. Snakes and Ladders is a timeless classic that’s easy for children to get the hang of. Giant outdoor versions of the game come with exciting blow-up features and children will find it fun acting as giant counters as they jump from square to square.


Get creative with pool noodles

Pool noodles are fun both in and out of the water. By taping a few together, you could easily create a pool noodle throwing target or a giant ring toss for your garden. Pool noodles are versatile enough to create a whole obstacle course if you get really creative. Another option is to set up some low hurdles on the grass, or get the whole family involved in a game of pool noodle limbo.

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