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Five Options for Your Ideal Garden Play Area

Exploration is such a delight to young minds, a major reason why children love to be let loose at the playground. Why not turn your garden in to a child-friendly play setting, allowing your kids to experience the same thrill of highly engaging play from the comfort of home? With the right equipment, your garden can easily transform to provide children with a vibrant and stimulating space for fun and learning to take place. Here’s our top picks of the very best adventure play equipment that we have on offer:

1) Swing and Slide Sets

Few children can resist a tall and brightly coloured slide. They’ll love bounding around the garden before diving down the slope feet-first or on their bellies with their arms stretched out. Why not add to the excitement and give them the bonus of an attached swing set. Children will relish being out in the open even more as they soar up, up and away!

Our swing and slide sets come in various sizes, so if you’re looking for space then you can opt for the double swing frame, which is great for families, or for sharing when friends come round to play. Children will be able to alternate between each choice and find amusement on our super swing and slide sets for hours at a time.

2) Tyre Swings

If you’re looking for a swing with versatility then this could be the option for you. The large hollowed-out base of the tyre means that children won’t just be limited to sitting down; older children could even stand up to gain extra momentum as they swing, or might find it relaxing to lie across the swing and look up at the clouds.

Tyre swings are also a fun and practical way to teach your kids about sustainability, as it will show them how old items can be reused to suit a new purpose. If your kids would usually fight over one swing then you can solve the problem and opt for one of our extra-large tyres to seat several little people around. It’s a great way to help groups of children to learn about collaboration as well. They’ll begin to understand the advantages of putting in a team effort as they steady the tyre to help each other climb up, and work together to rock the tyre back and forth and swing around.

3) Surfaces

Flooring surfaces are often forgotten about, but they can really bring a child’s play area to life if you pick the right one. Our surfaces can be used to split your garden in to sections if you’d like to keep child play separate from the adults’ recreation area. We have a selection for you to choose from, including artificial grass for a soft and natural feel and rubberised colours, patterns and pictures that can facilitate games and imaginative activities.

4) Climbing Frames

Our outdoor climbing frames come in a variety of colours, sizes and designs to provide stimulating play to children of all ages. Children will be delighted as they clamber up, scale and dangle from our multifunctional frames. This type of play equipment can be used to improve children’s fitness and agility, as well as well as helping them to face new challenges, develop their problem solving skills and improve their memories. Even if you have a smaller garden, we have custom frames that will suit the needs of your children.

5) Play Towers

We have some really imaginatively designed play towers and jungle gyms that combine a whole range of fun activities. They can include climbing walls, sheltered areas, bridges, nets, swings, slides and a whole lot more. Play towers will provide your children with a whole host of diverse play options. Many of the wooden structures include raised platforms with rooftops and cut-out windows to resemble houses and castles. Children love secret den spaces such as these; their imaginations will thrive as they use them to engage in pretend games.

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