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Incorporating Natural Elements into Your Garden Playscape

In a world where tablets and electronic gadgets are quickly becoming more popular amongst children than outdoor play, garden playscapes are a wonderful alternative. A playscape is an area that has been specifically designed to facilitate free play for children. Instead of featuring equipment such as slides or swings, playscapes make use the area’s natural … Continue reading “Incorporating Natural Elements into Your Garden Playscape”

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How to Maintain Your Wooden Play Equipment

Wooden play equipment is one of the most enduring features in any form of child’s play items. Even as a host of different materials and technologies enter the market, there is something about the natural look, feel and quality of wood that keeps it relevant to each new generation. It’s certainly a beloved choice for … Continue reading “How to Maintain Your Wooden Play Equipment”

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How to Foster Imagination and Creativity in Children

Creativity is underpinned by the ability to use our imaginations, inventiveness, resourcefulness and vision. It can often seem like creativity is an inborn characteristic that some people are blessed with, while others struggle with any sort of creative vision. But creativity is much more than inventing or art or a certain ability. Some children seem … Continue reading “How to Foster Imagination and Creativity in Children”

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How to Create a Sensory Garden at Home

A good sensory garden is one that incorporates and stimulates all five of the natural sensory faculties. Each of the sense activate our brain and help us to learn in different ways, but building a garden that caters to the different sense isn’t as complicated or technical as it can be made to seem. Here … Continue reading “How to Create a Sensory Garden at Home”

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