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Best Toys and Activities for the Development of Toddlers

Toddlers love toys, but they don’t necessarily need expensive or hi-tech toys to best support their cognitive and motor development, or for acquiring other types of skills. Here are some of the best tools and toys for ensuring a fun time for the toddler, while assuring development of critical skills.

Picture books and storytelling

Toddlers love picture books for many reasons, not the least because the pictures are so eye catching. If you want to ensure better toddler brain and social development, picture books can help with expanding the world view of toddlers. It is a good idea for parents to discuss the pictures with the toddlers, dive into details about the story, and thus ensure that the toddler gets to learn new things and form their opinion. Puppets are another fun way to keep the creative juices flowing. Puppets can be made easily with scraps of cloth and paper. Toddlers are endlessly fascinated with the stories that puppets can tell and this can help them learn more about the world and share their opinion.

Outdoor fun

Many toys can be used outdoors and they are great fun to use as well. For example, bubbles offer hours of fun to toddlers, who are always amused by the way large bubbles can develop from almost nothing. Bubble kits are cheap and many can be made at home, so they are safe as well. The hula hoop is another option if you are looking for fun activities for children. The hula hoop should be preferably used in open spaces, so outdoors is a good option for this game. Hula hoop offers better motor skills and if your toddler uses it with other kids, it can become a time for social interaction as well.

Puzzles and sorting

Sorting toys come in different shapes and sizes. They are simple toys that can help your toddler quickly develop their motor skills. It is very important that you use the right type of puzzles and sorting toys, as complicated toys will make the child lose interest. Sorting toys should have no more than three to five colours or shapes. Puzzles also include different types of pieces and these must be sorted or stacked following some principle. These can be a great way to help the child learn properties of different things. Playing blocks are endlessly fascinating for children, and they offer plenty of flexibility. Most playing blocks do not have a fixed goal, that is, your child can create anything out of the blocks. This gives them the chance to exercise creativity, and helps their motor development.

Arty Items

Crayons, paints, pens and paper are not exactly toys, but they have played a vital role in nurturing creativity in children. You need to choose crayons that are large enough and offer a tight grip to children who may not be accustomed yet to holding things tightly with their fingers. Crayons will help children learn more about colours, how they interact, and how colours shape the world. It also provides children with an outlet for their creativity. The simplest of things lying around your home can be shaped into toys for kids, if you plan to create toys on a budget.

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