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10 Best Outdoor Party Games For Kids

Now that summer’s here, it’s the perfect time to head out to the garden, soak up some warm rays and enjoy the company of our family and friends. For anyone planning a garden party for a child’s birthday this summer, or even a backyard BBQ with family, friends and neighbours, we’ve got your entertainment sorted. Garden Play have compiled a list of must-try outdoor party game ideas that are guaranteed to leave your guests in heaps of giggles. From lively competitions to exciting takes on classic party games, here are the garden games and activities you’ll want to use:

Classic relay contests

Everyone remembers the thrill and anticipation of taking part in relay races as a kid. Rather than just running, there are plenty of wacky twists such as sack races and the classic egg and spoon race. For an added challenge and even more hilarity for those watching, throw in a hula hoop section of the race.

Rainbow relay race

Split the group in to two teams and provide everyone with a paintbrush dipped in a different colour of the rainbow. Instruct the participants to take turns running across the garden to a piece of large poster board where they will swipe their colour in a rainbow arc. The winning team is the first one to complete a rainbow in correct colour order.

Treasure hunt

Leave clues dotted around your garden and create an outdoor treasure hunt. Your party guests can split off in to teams and work together to find and work out the next clue. The first group that discovers the treasure wins.

Musical courtyard seats

Turn up the music and bring out some flexible patio chairs. Who says that this classic party game can’t be done outdoors? For an added twist and more of a challenge, playing the game blindfolded can be a lot of fun. And since you’re outside, why not make it more fun for the older kids by squirting the loser of each round with a water pistol.

Limbo game

Limbo is another good old-fashioned party game that never gets old. You’ll need a long stick of rod which held in place by two parents. Then beckon each child to pass under the limbo stick, lowering it slightly each time. Whoever passes under the lowest limbo stick wins

Nerf combat

This is wild and fun outdoor game is perfect if you have a big garden. If you don’t, then why not play at a local park? To play, split your guests into groups and craft a safe zone for each side, where they can reload their darts before they start shooting one another. It may be difficult to determine who the winner of the game is, but it will be a lot of fun to watch.

Lawn twister

All you need for this game is a few cans of washable spray paint, a large enough area of grass to play and a group of friends. To set up your ‘board’ on the grass, simply take a large piece of card or cardboard and cut out a circle so that you can use it as a stencil. Then go ahead spraying the rows of red, blue green and yellow circles. You can make the board as big as you like and invite everyone to play.

Water balloon toss

This is a great game for cooling down during a heatwave. Fill up a water balloon so that the children can take turns tossing the balloon back and forth, moving further away from each other every time. The last team standing with an up-popped balloon wins that round.

So there you have it – a comprehensive guide to hosting the best garden party in the world! While each of the games will provide your guests with lots of fun, they’re not at all complicated and they’re accessible enough for all ages and ability ranges to get the hang of. Simple outdoor games and activities can provide children (and adults) with some of the most memorable experiences and remind us of the sheer joy that spending time outside brings during the summer season.

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