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If you’re looking for an affordable yet versatile piece of equipment for high level play in your garden, then a tyre swing is a fantastic option. Even as children get older, they’ll never tire of the novel sensation of swinging back and forth on a tyre. They’ll get to engage their minds and bodies more than they would with a regular swing because they aren’t limited to just sitting down. Tyre swings are also a great way to teach children about collaboration and they’ll begin to understand the advantages of working as a team as they help each other up and support each other to gain extra momentum while swinging.

Here at Garden Play, we’re passionate about design. Within our catalogue you’ll find hundreds of eye-catching styles and colours that are made to appeal to young minds, spanning across all ages and interests. Tyre swings are the perfect solution to encourage sharing and our larger swings have enough space to sit several little bottoms around. Tyre swings have many physical benefits too; they’re great for improving children’s motor skills, their spatial awareness and their sense of balance. A tyre swing would fit in perfectly with a family garden and bring out the rustic beauty of your space.

Since all of our equipment has been crafted by a skilled in-house team, we can guarantee that everything we have on offer is high quality. A lot of consideration goes in to ensure our designs’ effectiveness, which is because we want to be sure that all of our pieces offer maximum fun, safety and durability. As long as our play equipment is properly looked after, the lasting finish will protect your equipment from environmental damage such as decay and infestation. Even after years of use, your equipment will still function as good as new. We have guarantees on our items and our helpful team can help you to pick out the best items for your own setting.

A tyre swing set would make a fantastic addition to any family garden. Take a look through our catalogue and you’ll see the various options that are available. With teams around the country, we’re happy to visit your garden and make sure that your new equipment is properly installed. If you’d like to hear more about what we do at Garden Play then you can contact us today on 01244 375627 or take a few moments to complete a short enquiry form on our site and we’ll get back to you.

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