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One of the best and most enduring pieces of play equipment for family gardens are climbing frames because of the way in which they can appeal to children of all ages. From a very early age, most children gain an interest in climbing on things, developing their motor skills and learning to explore their physical capabilities. Placing an outdoor climbing frame in your own garden gives children a great chance to learn, play and develop in your home environment.

We offer a selection of outdoor climbing frame models for you to choose from, ranging from smaller models intended for gardens with limited space, up to much bigger pieces with their own slide included. With a host of different colours, styles and themes in our catalogue, you’ll be able to match your choice to the personality of your child, or children, and the interests that they have. We offer options suitable for younger and older children, with each model helping young ones to develop their abilities in areas such as balance, co-ordination and teamwork. They allow your child to combine learning and having fun, just one of the huge benefits of garden play.

Here at Garden Play, each and every piece of equipment is designed and created in-house by our expert staff team, with all of our outdoor climbing frames receiving thorough planning in terms of both safe use, lasting reliability, and providing that vital sense of excitement and adventure that will keep children going back to them for years. Our climbing frames feature tamper-proof fastenings, and all of our items include their own warranty options, with our friendly and knowledgeable staff team happy to advise clients on the best outdoor climbing frame for your garden. Our installation experts are available all over the UK, so we’ll deliver your item and make sure that it is set up safely in your garden play area.

We design all of our climbing frame models to support children in developing their sense of fun and adventure as they learn a host of useful skills and also have the added benefit of enjoyable physical exercise. If you want to know more about any of our items, give us a call today on 01244 375627 or submit an enquiry via the simple form on our website and we’ll respond. For now, enjoy browsing all of the exciting outdoor climbing frame models in our catalogue.

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