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If you’re looking for a garden swing that’s a little different, then why not consider a basket swing? Basket swings provide a lot of fun for children, whether they’re alone or with friends. They’ll love the challenge of climbing up, getting into the suspended basket and varying between sitting, standing and even lying down as they manoeuvre the swing. The nest-like aesthetic of a basket swing is really appealing to children and they’ll have fun learning through play as they help each other to navigate the swing. These qualities make basket swings an effective way to improve children’s motor skills, problem solving and social skills all at the same time. Your children won’t want to leave your garden after playing on this versatile play piece!

Here at Garden Play, quality is our top priority. All of our items are crafted in-house, meaning that we’re able to ensure that our designs are high in quality, as well as being safe, durable and really fun for children to use. You can take your pick from the many colours and styles available in our ranges – there will be something to suit everyone’s tastes. Basket swings are really exciting for children no matter what their ages. Children can improve their motor skills as they swing themselves back and forth and climb up, or they may just find it relaxing to lie across the swing and look up at the sky.

As an industry-leading supplier of playground equipment, we specialise in quality and design. Our in-house team construct all of our items in our Chester-based workshop and they put a lot of thought into creating equipment that is safe, long-lasting and a lot of fun to use. All of our items are treated to protect against environmental damage and even after years of use they’ll work like new, providing that they’re properly looked after. You can choose which of our various guarantees appeal most to you and our team can advise you on the items that would best support your children and compliment your garden.

A basket swing will provide your child with engaging and versatile fun, day after day. We have plenty of options for you to choose from, just take a look through our collections and you’ll be inspired. With teams around the country, we’re able to come to your garden to install equipment for you. To find out more about how we could transform your outdoor space into a utopia for child’s play, get in touch today on 01244 375627 or take a few moments to complete the short enquiry form on our site and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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