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Summertime Safety Tips for Families

Safe game time is a priority for families, especially when you are looking forward to fun under the sun. With endless options for fun during summer, it is important to keep certain safety tips in mind when you are getting ready to enjoy an active summer. There are many things you can do to ensure a safe, happy summer vacation.

Sun Protection

There are many misconceptions about the need for sun protection. Most parents think that sun protection is needed only at the beach. The truth is that sun protection is needed all the time your child is outdoors during the daytime. You should ideally not allow children outdoors too much during the daytime, especially when the sun is at its peak. However, kids being kids, there is little you can do to restrain them home. So your next best option is to use powerful sunscreen. You would also need to apply the sunscreen several times through the day, depending on the time spent outdoors and other factors. Sun protection also includes dark glasses to help protect the eyes against glare.

Food & Drinks

Food and beverages are an important part of staying healthy during the season. It is easy to forget the body’s need for hydration during the excitement and games. However, it is important to keep sufficient supply of water or beverages handy. It is important to eat healthy and sufficient meals, so that the child can retain their energy and bear better the hot sun. It is important to keep snacking when needed, because three meals a day may not be sufficient for very active children.

Injury Protection

Injuries can occur during play. With the right protective gear, such as bicycle helmets these injuries can be kept to a minimum. You could also include a first aid box in your supplies and ensure that the contents are always fresh and in stock. You would also need bug spray and other products to keep insects at bay. Other safety measures include having emergency contact numbers handy for the child. The child should be able to contact trusted people during an emergency. It is important to survey the location and mark spots that you feel can be dangerous to the child. You would also need to explain to the child the need to avoid these spots. Also, the child should know who to trust, and when to not interact with strangers.

It is very important that children be aware of basic first aid, if they are old enough to apply first aid. They should also be taught how to deal with potentially risky situation relevant to the location. For example, if you are indulging in water sports, the child should know what type of waves to avoid, why they need to not go to the deep end of the pool and so on. Also, the child would need to be taught other first aid measures. You would need to ensure that the child is under responsible supervision when needed. You could be attending to the child, or allocate the task to an adult you trust.

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