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We all have fond memories of using a swing set as a child. Swings are a delightful addition to any garden and a constant source of enjoyment for children who use them. A single swing can really bring a garden to life, and make a beautiful centre piece. But as well as this, swings can help to encourage a more active lifestyle for children, as they develop their motor skills and spend their time playing outside in the garden. There really is nothing like the light and free feeling of soaring through the air, so why not allow your children to experience this joy from the comfort of their home environment?

Garden Play are passionate about design. Within our collections you’ll find a whole host of visually engaging swing sets in various colours and styles. We’ve created a range of single swing sets to suit children of all ages and abilities, so take a look through our catalogue and see which ones catch your eye. A single swing set can keep children entertained for hours on end, and as a soothing sensory experience, swinging can aid children’s development both mentally and physically. Our frames are all high-quality and they’ll look great in any family garden.

We have a skilled team who construct all of our items in-house, ensuring that everything that we produce is high in quality. A great deal of thought goes into designing items that are fun to use, safe and durable. All of our equipment is given a long-lasting finish to protect against signs wear and tear, as well as against decay and infestation. When properly maintained, your equipment will look and function like it’s newly purchased, even after years of use. Our team will inform you about our range of guarantees, and they can point out the items that would work best in your setting.

Fitting out your garden with a single swing set will benefit your child for years to come. As an industry-leading brand, Garden Play are experienced in creating equipment to stimulate young minds. Our branches are dotted around the UK and we can come and install equipment safely in your garden wherever you are. If you have any queries at all, then get in touch with us today on 01244 375627 or alternatively contact us via our website and we’ll soon get back to you.

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