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Royal Family Throw a Huge Garden Party for Bereaved Military Families

On Saturday, May 13th, 2017 the royal family threw a huge party for children who had lost a parent in the line of duty. This party was a way to show these innocent souls that they are not forgotten rather appreciated for their sacrifices and painful moments. It was a fun filled day that lit up the garden in Buckingham Palace.

The Invite and welcome

The invites to the party were sent a month earlier from the three royals, Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince Harry with his fun side stated that they should not dress up regardless of the venue of the party. They could wear anything they wanted. Funny enough, he dared them to do that. Furthermore, this was a fun day that had different activities that many children would enjoy. The guards at the palace welcomed the children with the song, let it go’. A favourite song from Disney film, Frozen.

The beneficiaries of the party

Among the attendee was a young six-year-old, Jack Rigby, son of Fusilier Lee Rigby who was murdered by a violent extremist group outside the Royal Artillery Barracks, south London in 2013. His mother appreciated the efforts from the Royals. She said it was a good way to show their support and that Jack and the other children were never forgotten. She also added that the event was an excellent platform for all the children to interact and share what they went through during those sad and painful moments.

The activities

The entertainers of the day were Nina Conti, a ventriloquist famous for the puppets named granny and a monkey named Monk, singer, Jess Glynne and the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, Lance Corporal. These three gave out their best performance that made the children forget their painful past for a moment.

The Duchess was not left behind as she stepped in with some excitement and launched a water balloon. Prince Harry played with George Hinchcliffe at plate spinning’. George was the son of Captain Richard Hinchcliffe who was a Royal Armoured Medical Corps. He was shot while in civilian clothes in 2015. According to one of the parents at the party, the direction that the Royals are taking is bright with a good future.

A sense of empathy

Prince William and Harry have both served in the military, and lost a parent at a young age, so in many ways they understand the issues these children are facing. The major difference is that they are Royals, but on this day that barrier was broken, and many children were happy. Prince Harry noted that the Palace had never seen so many visitors in the recent past and it was an honour to have them.

Later on, there was a performance form the RAF Falcons who launched some of their parachutes and made many delighted for attending the event. The event was successful in the end. These types of occasions are a good example of what is in store if a Nation is together in fostering unity and love. The military men and women are the most priceless asset a country can ever have, therefore; taking care of loved ones should be every state’s priority.

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