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Fun Garden Projects that Your Kids Will Love

One of the best things about summer for children is that they get to spend so much time outdoors. As parents, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out some DIY and craft ideas in order to turn your garden into a fun playground. There are so many fun ideas that you could try out if you want to transform your garden. Children love getting involved in these projects too. Here are our top picks of activities to try out with the family this year.


  1. A Treehouse

A treehouse is a garden must-have. It doesn’t have to be a complex structure either. Kids just love having a sheltered spot where they can play together and entertain themselves for hours on end. If you already have a treehouse, then why not give it a quick makeover? If not, then it’s time to get building!


  1. A Climbing Wall

A climbing wall is easy to construct in both yards and gardens. Both children and adults can get their daily dose of exercise and have fun at the same time. Ensure that you place some safety mats or even old mattress on the ground to avoid accidents.


  1. Fun with Bubbles

Kids will always find bubbles entertaining. To create gigantic bubbles, simply put some washing up liquid or soap into a small plastic paddling pool and then use a hula hoop to make huge bubbles. Your children will never tire of this game.


  1. A Life-Size Angry Birds Game

This is an amusing game for both children and adults, and a life-size version makes it all the more exciting. You can make your own version of the game by using cardboard boxes as bricks, and several painted water balloons as birds.


  1. DIY Plastic Bottle Water Wall

Playing with water is an exciting form of sensory play for young children. Help your kids to gather some empty containers or bottles which you will attach to a fence wall. This will form a cool circuit of water cascading down forming a waterfall. This project is cheap and easy from start to finish.


  1. Lawn Twister

Lawn twister is a great game to involve your guests at a summer party or BBQ. Create your board on the grass by using different colour spray paints and a circular cardboard stencil. Afterwards, the paint can be washed away by a hose or the rain.


  1. Music Fence

Why not try out some DIY musical instruments this summer? All you need is an empty fence panel to attach objects to. Collect objects that you think could make interesting sounds. Children will be happy to assist you in picking these objects and it will be a lot of fun to let them gather them. Old pots, pans, and wooden spoons are great to use. Checking the garage could also provide a good source of the objects for this project.


  1. Zip Line

One of the best summertime projects your kids will go crazy for is a zip line. Your children will have fun using it and they’ll want to invite their friends round to see it too. Ensure the zip line is safe to avoid any accidents.


  1. Tents in the Backyard

Children who love to build dens will no doubt have fun with a tent pitched in the garden too. This will appeal to their sense of adventure and keep them endlessly amused as they hide away with some snacks and their favourite book in their own secret space.


  1. Swings

Swings are a delightful garden addition for both adults and children. Why not make things interesting for your children by using an old chair (minus the legs) as a seat. All you have to do is attach is to some sturdy rope. You can paint the swing in a bold colour to make it more attractive. Alternatively, old tyres are also a great option. Hang them from trees using some chain. Just ensure it is safe for the kids before they use it.

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