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Fun Garden Projects to Bust Summertime Boredom

Summer is on its way! While it may be highly unpredictable on these shores, any day with sunshine is a chance to get out and spend time outdoors with your young ones, giving them the time to explore, learn and play. Here at Garden Play, we believe the garden is a great place to celebrate the best of nature, so here are some of the exciting and educational gardening projects that can you can return to at various points throughout the summer.

The Garden in the Glove

To find a project which helps children to study seeds, it doesn’t get much easier than an idea called Garden in the Glove. This educational exercise and enjoyment are perfect for budding young farmers, as well as for you since mess is minimal. Simply put some soil into an old garden glove, plant some seedlings, hang it up somewhere that it can be watered, and you’ll soon have plant life in the palm of your hand, pun intended!

Hanging Tomato Planter

The right tomato planter can make use of even a small space, such as a front porch or deck, to produce mouth-watering tomatoes in empty water bottles. By the end of your project, you could say that you trained your children regarding recycling and a plant’s life cycle in the same project. Score! Make sure to select the right tomato type for your hanging planter. Don’t go for a beefsteak or other large variety, as bigger tomatoes are more suited to large plants and produce heavy fruit. Your small planter is better suited to a bush-forming seed rather a vine-growing seed so that the plant can build girth rather than length.

Egg Carton Greenhouse

Little children will adore an Egg Carton Greenhouse project like the one available from Hazel & Company. That said, if you favour a DIY option you can easily take your household egg box, a little soil and some seedling, and create a learning and bonding encounter with the mini green thumbs in your home.

Whimsical Butterfly Feeder

Make magic and enjoyment for your children by creating a whimsical butterfly feeder. You will require a jar, some strand, some knot-tying know-how and the secret ingredient: butterfly food! Butterflies feed on nectar, so if you can get some nectar-rich plants involved, then you’ll soon see some beautiful butterfly varieties in your garden.

Painted Garden Markers

Any child that is old enough to hold a paintbrush could assist with this fun project: making painted backyard markers from pebbles. You could even theme it around your nearby fruit & veg patch; smiling strawberries, silly sprouts and concerned carrots. All you require is paint, rocks, and a sense of humour.

Multipurpose Homemade Sprinkler

What can be better than an outdoor project which serves a significant purpose in the backyard, but also offers hours of enjoyment for young ones? There are easy-to-follow instructions online helping you to put together a homemade sprinkler utilising a plastic vessel, some hose and tape. Genius!

The Earthworm House

Many kids adore looking for worms and bugs. While you may want to be careful about what they encounter on their search, you could limit the focus to one particular area, with a company like Green Kid Crafts providing the ideal project for accommodating the slimy fellows that your bug lovers find. What more can the child, or worms, ask for?


We hope these ideas have given you some interesting ideas to add some fun this summertime and we also offer a wide range of garden play equipment to help your children get the most out of their summer play.


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