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7 Outdoor Adventures to Try Out this Summer

Summer, in as much as it exists on our shores, is right around the corner. With the right plans in place, it could allow you to go out and have a summer you’ll never forget, while at the same time staying fit and healthy. To start off, here are seven outdoor adventures to try out this summer:

  1. Have a Summer Walk

We’ll start off simple, and remind you that here is something inherently refreshing and self-fulfilling after spending a period of time in nature. Take a scenic trip gives you a fresh break from a stressful week from school or work. Aside from these, trekking provides many health benefits. One of this is cardiovascular strength due to long distances covered. It also strengthens bones due to jumping, dodging, and stretching to climb up and down a hill or mountain.

  1. Go Cycling

Cycling is a leisure activity that almost everyone surely enjoys. It also is one of the most convenient fit exercises you can include in your daily routine. You can allocate at least 150-minutes every week which can improve your cardiovascular fitness. Bike through your neighbourhood, through beaches or even use it as a means of transportation. Take out that old bicycle in the garage and start cycling.

  1. Swim with marine life!

Snorkelling is a recreational pastime which gives individuals access to discover the majestic beauty of swimming with the marine life. While exploring the beauty of the underwater, an individual’s oxygen uptake is improved. Snorkelling allows an individual to have a better breathing. It also improves an individual’s overall fitness. So while having fun, you are basically working out your quads, calves, ankles, core and even your shoulders. It is also good for your heart.

  1. Try caving

While not many may enjoy the luxury of caving, it is an adventure worth including in your seven outdoor adventures to try out this summer. According to sports psychologist Frank Young, caving helps an individual be mindful and focus in the present. It involves mobility, flexibility and strength as you navigate through, which benefits muscles and joints.

  1. Wakeboarding

For someone who likes water sports such as skiing or surfing, wakeboarding is a must try. Not only does it offer fun and excitement but it also allows you to have a great exercise. Wakeboarding requires holding onto the rope and performing air tricks which efficiently builds upper body strength. It also mindfulness as you constantly need to maintain balance while in the presence of surface water.

  1. Experience Water Rafting

Allow yourself to experience the thrill of having waves crashing around you and try out water rafting. Water rafting is truly is a one of a kind outdoor adventure that you should try out this summer. In addition to the fun and excitement, it offers numerous health benefits. Similar to trekking, water rafting allows you to get the fresh air you rarely inhale while in the city. It is also a great exercise for your muscles as it requires you to paddle and balance through the wave.

  1. Rock Climbing

If you loved trekking then you might as well enjoy rock climbing. Rock climbing is a fun leisure which demands physical and mental versatility. It offers a great workout for your cardio and strength which shapes your body as well as strengthening and toning your muscles.

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